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Skills and Experience
Jill of All Trades Loves unique projects!
Appliance Repair Repaired and rejuvenated Sunbeam Mixmaster and Kenmore Washer.
Assembly Assembled shelves, barbecues, bicycles, computers, etc.
Acoustic Built a sound proof wall.
Barbeque Cleaned and checked BBQ's for leaks. Replaced electric starters, worn out burners and gates. Spray painted the BBQ bodies to give them a fresh new look.
Bicycles Built a Mustang bicycle from scratch. Refurbished other bicycles (stripped down, repainted, repaired and reassembled).
Carpentry Built a gazebo, coffee tables, a pantry and a rotary workbench. Installed doors and shelves.
Ceiling Installed a drop ceiling.
Computers Computer science technologist by trade. Experienced user of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.
Cosmetic Made aesthetic and surface repairs to rejuvenate various items.
Ducts Installed stove fan ducts and outside vents for dryers.
Electrical Electronic technologist by education. Installed, repaired and tested wiring, lights, light switches, automated lights, electric heaters and ground fault (GFI) plugs.
Electronics Set-up stereo systems and advised on purchases.
Flooring Installed hardwood and vinyl simulated hardwood floors.
Furniture Repaired and retrofitted furniture. Modified an armoire to be an office desk.
Garden Furniture Repaired, cleaned and painted garden furniture.
Gardening Built a waterfall, made a rain barrel, planted gardens and built an indoor pond.
Kitchen Retrofitted counter top, installed hanging pot holder and hood fan.
Lights Installed under counter lighting, workshop lighting and ceiling lights.
Models Made model ships, line control airplanes and radio-controlled boats.
Mechanical Serviced and made small car repairs including; oil changes, engine tune-ups, brakes, body work, starter, and replaced part of the interior.
Organizer Catalogued 275 computers, designed in an access database to track serial numbers, peripherals and ownership.
Planner Created processes for software debugging, computer and software installation.
Pets Made environmental cages for reptiles and birds. Installed pet doors for dogs, cats and bunnies.
Pest repair Cleaned up attics after squirrel damage. Redistributed and added insulation. Replaced breathers, plugged holes and, riveted soffits.
Plumbing Repaired toilets, plumbed cottage for water, installed icemaker, plumbed dishwasher, fixed and replaced taps.
Roofing Roofed Gazebo with asphalt shingles, repaired leak into house, restored chimney flashing, and added gutters.
Safety Installed invisible magnetic door locks.
Tiled Installed tile floor and a kitchen backsplash.
Toys Repainted and refurbished toys. Made building blocks and toy boats.
Training/Trainer Will teach you or guide you in a repair or retrofit of your own.
Wallboard (Dry Wall) Installed, taped and plastered walls and patched holes.
Window repair Replaced old calking and drilled out window to remove fog.

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