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Mission Statement / Vision
Jill of All Trades focus is on Women helping Women and the community through assisting the elderly. It is to provide a personal, energetic and enthusiastic service in an efficient and timely manner by acting as the expert/advocate to the client in research and design of a low cost solution of their unique problems. The primary goal of Jill of All Trades is to help others through the skills achieved over a lifetime through custom analysis, planning, organizing and building.

Quality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent effort. (Jon Ruskin).
The difference between a Dream and a Goal is a timeline and consequences. (Dr. Phil).
Speak without Offending. Listen without Defending. (Author unknown).
Take the tool at hand, apply the power of knowledge and you'll get excellent results,
even if the application is from a different perspective. (Jon Eakes).

Write up in the Ottawa City Magazine – August 2004 Issue, page 61 under Home and Garden
When Randi Jensen, a self-proclaimed “high-tech divorcee” found herself looking for work, she knew two things: she wanted to help people, and she didn’t mind getting her hands dirty. She soon discovered that not only was she handy with plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, and painting, but her clients seemed to feel more comfortable with a female fix-it person around the house. The result is Jill of All Trades (…), a household repair and renovation service that caters to women and the elderly.

Seminar at Women's Business Connections, Women's Day Conference - Saturday, October 23, 2004
Do it yourself - home basic repairs
Randi Jensen - Jill of all Trades, General Repair and Light Construction
A home repair and construction pro will show you the basic tools, supplies and techniques to use within your own home so you can save time and money.

History & Profile
The idea was conceived in March 2002, and started to evolved in June 2002 when creating a covered gazebo in the front yard of the landlord’s. The idea was further reinforced by a TV program on women’s careers where it was discovered a similar concept had been started in Toronto, Ontario Canada and become a great success. Since then, the business has grown from an idea to a business outline on paper that has been accepted by the Canadian Federal Government Self-Employment Employment Program and has since graduated from this program in November 2003.

The Business was founded on the 26th of November in the year 2002 with the registration of the Name “Jill of All Trades”. Start-up followed shortly after with the first piece of work on the 30th of November 2002 from a manager of a Cotton Ginny store in Ottawa.

This is a Service oriented business focusing on solving unique problems in the home, concentrating in the area of repair and light construction. The aim of the business is to focus on the needs of women who own businesses as well as women and elderly clients who find it more comfortable having a female contractor in their home. While part of the focus of Jill of All Trades is on Women helping Women, there is another very important part which is helping community through assisting the elderly by aiding them with repairs which would otherwise not get done because of the jobs are cost prohibitive or because the task is too small to hire help.

The service has evolved through many years of assisting others with small repairs and designs. It is the appreciation shown by others from the resulting products that has thrust this business into a reality. It is the purpose of Jill of All Trades to act as the expert/advocate for the client and to research and design a solution to their particular problem. The primary goal of Jill of All Trades is to help others through the skills achieved over a lifetime through custom analysis, planning, organizing and building.

Jill of all Trades will grow through the gratification of the customers it satisfies.

To date Jill of all trades has done bathroom & kitchen renovations, repaired broken furniture, built & repaired decks, designed & built shelves, tiled floors & walls, installed electrical & plumbing fixtures, and much more.

Let Jill of All of Trade bring your project and repair dreams to fruition!

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